Youth Hunt  

2018 Youth Hunt

The day begins at 8 AM with trap shooting under the guidance of our trap team and youth instructors. Later, each hunter will try their hand at launched birds, and then field hunt released pheasants. Parents or adult supervisors are welcome. ALL MUST WEAR HUNTER'S ORANGE VEST.

Please note that ALL (including BOW and Waterfowl) open hunting will be closed November 10, 2018 until 1 PM to allow for the youth hunt.

Our annual youth hunt is one of several club activities that we receive a great deal of positive member feedback about, despite a modest decline in numbers during recent years. This fun-filled event is designed to give young hunters an opportunity, in many cases their first, to successfully harvest upland birds. As you can see by the many smiles in the photos on the right, this educational event is a real favorite with the kids and their parents alike.

The event begins with our instructors making certain that all our young hunters have successfully completed an Ohio Hunter Education course and currently possess a valid Ohio Hunting License. Following a formal introduction and an overview of the day's event, a brief review course in safe gun handling and hunter ethics is given. Upon completion of the refresher the kids are moved from the clubhouse out onto to the trap range.

Once the kids are comfortable and the instructors feel they are ready to move on to the next level, the kids are given an opportunity to participate in a little live-fire practice. Many youngsters often become very excited with this phase of the program and are sometimes a little reluctant to move into the field, while others are chomping at the bit to experience the real thing.  As a group kids and their parents are then led over to our legal upland hunting area.

The kids are then taken under close supervision, one by one into the field, while mom, dad, and their buddies watch from a safe distance behind. It isn't long before the talented retriever that accompanies them into the tall grass locks up. A few beats of a young heart later and through the use of a remote control bird launcher nestled out of sight from the young hunter a colorful ring-necked pheasant is catapulted skyward.

Instantly there's a bark from the dog and a startling cackle from the bird. The young hunter's eyes grow two or three times their normal size quicker than they can blink. He or she doesn't know it yet, but they're hooked. They've just been given a shot of adrenalin unlike any they will ever find in a computer game, at the movie, or get from a book. It's show time! All the training and coaching they've received will now be put to use.

What happens next is mostly up to the youngster. Some are ready and eager to complete the exercise. Others are so taken by the instantaneous nature of the unfolding sequence they forget to shoulder the gun. That's O.K., because they've been taught not to take an ill-advised shot. We'll reset the scenario and start again. They aren't spooked a second time! It's often point and shoot, and without hesitation.

If the shot finds its mark, the young hunter will likely hear mom and dad applauding the loudest. If it missed, he or she will get some valuable advice from our instructors and another opportunity. They may get razzed a little when they return to the group, but there will be plenty to talk about at home or school when the day is over. Experience has proven that young ladies are often better shots than the guys, so the fellows better beware!

After receiving classroom instruction, clay target practice, and real in the field coaching, all in a controlled environment, our young hunters are shown how clean and prep their harvested quarry. It has been a wonderful day and a foundation for the next generation of sportsmen has been built. It's our goal and our legacy. It's also a responsibility that we don't take lightly at Greene County Fish & Game Association.

If you would like more information regarding this year's youth hunt or you would to volunteer to help us with this event or any other related youth activities, please email us at:

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